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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Hi! Hope you are having a nice day!

My name is Sandhya. I am passionate about crafts. I love crochet, tatting, knitting, sewing and other types of needlework. Every day I engage in one of these crafts. It de-stresses me and helps me relax. I share my creations on my YouTube channel named cherrycheeksquickstitches and my website

Today I am sharing with you a very simple technique that I have used a lot to crochet on fabric. I had in my wardrobe many sleeveless camis' which I wouldn't prefer to wear. I love lace and thought of crocheting the sleeves on these camis'. And here it goes!





● Use any light weight yarn, pure cotton or mixed, in the size 2-3mm.

Yarn suggestion: ICE YARNS – LORENA SUPER FINE (55% cotton /45% acrylic), 100 gm/600m/656yds

Shade: (white, 1 ball needed)

● 3 mm Hook.

● Tank top (sleeveless top)

● Sewing needle with big eye.


Work 32 sts and 12 rows in double crochet st to measure 10 x 10cm/4 x 4in using 3mm hook, or size required to obtain tension.


Crochet sleeve length: 15 cm/6 inches

Arm width: 25 cm/ 10 inches


Lacy garments look very pretty. However, too much of lace all over, may look a bit overwhelming and a lot of work! Crocheting on a sleeveless top is a good alternative to add lace to the garment. The following procedure can be followed to crochet on fabric.


To crochet over fabric, a base chain needs to be created over the fabric in the following manner.

A chain needs to be made over the entire arm of the tank top.

Thread the selected yarn in a long and thick sewing needle which has a big eye.

Make a straight stitch on the inner side of the hem of the arm.

The straight stitch needs to be made in a way that it is not visible from the right side.

Make the stitch throughout the arm.

Once the stitch is made around the entire arm, continue making the straight stitch in the gaps between stitches previously made.

Make the straight stitch throughout the arm once again.

This is a closer look of how the stitches looked.

A base chain is now created which will be used to crochet in the next step.


Select any crochet stitch of your choice. Based on the pattern of that stitch, crochet over the fabric in the following manner.

The first row of the crochet will be made between 1.5 inches behind the shoulder seam until 1.5 inches ahead of the shoulder seam.

Insert the crochet hook into the chain 1.5 inches behind the shoulder seam and follow the stitch pattern selected by you.

Make a slip knot on the yarn before pulling it through the chain.

Now follow the pattern of the stitch using chains made on the hem in step 1.

Continue making the stitch until 1.5 inches ahead of shoulder seam is reached.

One row is made.

For second row, turn the work and follow the pattern of the stitch in the same way as it would have been made for regular crochet.

This is an important step. At the end of second row, include 1 inch of chains on the fabric made in step 1. Crochet on these chains following pattern for row2.

As it can be seen here, new chains from the fabric have been included. The pattern is as per row 2 (not row 1) over these new chains.

Turn the work and move on to the next row. Include extra inch of chains from the fabric at the end of each row now onwards.

This is an example of including extra chains at the end of the row.

This is how it looked after completion of a few rows.

And this is how the sleeve turned out at the end.


  1. When all chains on the fabric have been crocheted and you reach the armhole, there is no need to turn the work at the end of each row.

  2. Crocheting should be done in circles now onwards.

  3. Crochet in circles from the right side (not wrong) side for better finish.

  4. Once the crocheting is done in circles, shaping of the sleeve is a very important.

  5. For shaping the sleeve, make multiple decreases at armhole at the end of each row so that it fits the measurements required for the sleeve.

  6. At the armhole, make decreases at the end of each row so that the sleeve takes a decreasing shape.

For more detailed demonstration you can visit my YouTube channel (cherrycheeksquickstitches) where I have made many such crochet tops!

Please contact me on any of my social media forums for any queries on this technique.

Happy crocheting!

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31 במאי 2021

I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Thank you!!

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